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Long-term assistance plays an important role in our society!

Your commitment to Support Africa customers will trigger a positive response by your customers and your overall environment.

    We offer companies and individuals the opportunity to participate as sponsors, benefactors and donors on key research and development projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Depending on your registration or personal interest, you can select what emphasis you want to follow in your commitment between the fields of agriculture, medicine and ecology.










WEILBURGER is one of the most important manufactures of industrial coating systems. The various industrial sections are innovative niche providers marketing their products worldwide.


Windows, front doors, winter gardens and awnings. Fashionable productions techniques and high value materials guarantee the best conditions for quality. Experienced experts advice you, design your project and offer a competent service. Profit through high value, long lasting and individual solutions.







Hamacher Engine Construction Company fabricates special engines. Constructions and worldwide sales of products take place in Aachen.

The Hotlineglass Company with headquaters in Aachen and worldwide engaged produces special heating foils.


The Friedrich-Pharmacy, while supplying the community with general needed medicine, is also engaged in medical supplies of micro-nutrients for particular diseases as well as with offers of special diagnostics for skin, hair and fingernails. In addition to conventional medicines, there are also alternative medications available in the areas of homeopathy, blossoms (Bachblüten), special salts (Schüßler Salze) and general recommended active substances.
The Medipharm-Center, which is associated with the Friedrich-Pharmacy, is a community-based forum effectively combining alternative and classical forms of healing. Respective lectures presented on a regular basis are well received by the community.













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