SUPPORT AFRICA INTERNATIONAL (SAI), a sub-organization of SUPPORT AFRICA FOUNDATION, which maintains contacts to universities in Sub-Sahara Africa, offers research awards and publishes scientific findings of African researchers.

SAI collaborates closely with the departments of medicine/public health, agraian sciences and ecology at African universities in order to promote research projects sustaining health and the environment.  

In the field of agrarian science sustainability of farming is the main concern. In health/medicine, we focus on the use of indigenous medical plants. In ecology the use of fallow for the plantation of timber and for the afforestation of rain forest is the main issue.

In the book series SUPPORT AFRICA INTERNATIONAL/Studies in Sub-Saharan Africa the following research results have already been published. They intend to promote further studies in the areas of agrarian sciences and ecology in Africa.

Strengthening subsistence agriculture
Lasting resource management
Use of simple technologies in agriculture
Support of non-animal protein for nutrition
Traditional use, conservation and storage of foods
The importance of Cassava cultivations for nutrition and industries
The impact of climate change on traditional agriculture, the shores and the river deltas
The impact of climate change to animal life in Sub-Sahara Africa
The development of botanic gardens and gen banks
The importance of traditional medicine and health
  Experiences with the usage of traditional medicine
Strategies for solving the acute water shortages in Sub-Sahara Africa